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Livro Clothing as material culture

18 de July de 2011

Há capítulos que discutem ética e estética na moda. Tem de graça na biblioteca da Escola de Belas Artes da UFMG. Importar custa em torno de 250 reais.


Livro: Clothing as material culture

Organizadores: Daniel Miller e Susanne Küchler

Editora: Palgrave USA

Sinopse: In recent years, there has been a spate of books theorizing fashion. Few, however, take on board the artefactual nature of cloth. In contrast, costume historians have looked closely at garments, but have shown less concern with how clothing is informed by social structures. This book fills a major gap by combining these two ‘camps’ through an expressly material culture approach to clothing. In sustained case studies, Küchler and Miller argue that cloth and clothing are living, vibrant parts of culture and the body. From the recycling of cloth in Africa and India and the use of pattern in the Pacific, to the history of ‘wash and wear’ and why women wear the wrong clothes to restaurants, this book shows the considerable advantage gained by seamlessly combining material and social aspects of dress and textiles.

Download aqui capítulos do livro Clothing as material culture

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