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Call for Submissions: UK Fashion Designer [for Phillippines fashion]

28 de July de 2011


Repassando informação do Ethical Fashion Forum para designers residentes no Reino Unido desenvolverem coleção relacionada a indústria da moda das Filipinas.

Imagem de divulgação do Ethical Fashion Forum.

The British Council, Philippine fashion magazine Look and the Philippine Daily Inquirer are offering a UK designer the opportunity showcase your collections at the Look of Style Fashion Awards and explore the Philippine fashion and textiles industries.

The Philippines has an incredible and diverse textile sector from antique and traditional weaving to natural dyeing and manufacturing. This alongside the growing contemporary fashion scene offers a rich and exciting opportunity for research.
Your work will be shown on the catwalk alongside the collections of local designers.  The project is intended to highlight the most innovative emerging talent from both the UK and the Philippines.

República das Filipinas, independente dos EUA e da Espanha em 1898; reconhecida em 1946.


The programme will take place from 2–7 October and include:

  • Presentation of collection at Look of Style Awards;
  • Attending the Look of Style Awards ceremony;
  • A talk for students at the School of Fashion and the Arts;
  • and Industry meetings with the Philippine Garments &Textiles Office, the Fashion Design Council of the Philippines and more.

In addition to this official programme, you could develop your own extra programme of personal research and visits to shops, markets, weavers and manufacturers. The British Council can help organise this, by offering suggestions, introductions, arranging visits and help with logistics. However the cost of accommodation and living expenses during this time will be covered by the designer.

Ilhas grandes e montanhosas. Clima tropical úmido. Cultiva cânhamo, tabaco, cana-de-açúcar, arroz, milho e copra.

Submission Requirements

We are inviting submissions from UK based designers who have professionally presented a minimum of 2 collections.  Please supply images of your collections (format can be either pdf or weblink) along with a brief cover letter to express your interest in the project. Submissions to by email to

Chocolate Hills. As “Colinas de Chocolate”, localizada na ilha de Bohol (Filipinas) tem formação geológica única. São 1268 morros em forma de cone, com 120 metros de altura a maioria. Diz-se ser de chocolate por causa da cor da vegetação em função do período das secas.


All submissions should be received before 5pm, Wednesday 3 August. Any submissions received after this time will not be considered.  The successful designer will be notified by Wednesday 10 August.

For further information including information on the organisations involved as well as the Philippines textile industry, visit the blog post on the network. CLICK HERE

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