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Livro: Designing for Zero Waste

29 de December de 2011


Nesta semana, estive em contato com o PhD Steffen Lehmann, da University of South Australia (em que comanda um centro de pesquisa em design sustentável, comportamento e resíduo zero), e chair da UNESCO em desenvolvimento urbano sustentável.

No mês passado, ele lançou o livro “Designing for Zero Waste”, que já é possível de ser encomendado no Brasil (custa em torno de 125 reais).

Eu já comentei sobre Resíduo Zero em outro post, em relação à modelagem plana na Moda. Clique aqui para saber mais.

Livro: Designing for Zero Waste – Consumption, Technologies and the Built Environment

Autores: Steffen Lehmann e Robert Crocker

Editora: Routledge

Sinopse: Designing for Zero Waste is a timely, topical and necessary publication. Materials and resources are being depleted at an accelerating speed and rising consumption trends across the globe have placed material efficiency, waste reduction and recycling at the centre of many government policy agendas, giving them an unprecedented urgency. While there has been a considerable literature addressing consumption and waste reduction from different disciplinary perspectives, the complex nature of the problem requires an increasing degree of interdisciplinarity. Resource recovery and the optimisation of material flow can only be achieved alongside and through behaviour change to reduce the creation of material waste and wasteful consumption. This book aims to develop a more robust understanding of the links between lifestyle, consumption, technologies and urban development.

Páginas: 418


Professor Steffen Lehmann, PhD

Professor of Sustainable Design
Director, Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour (sd+b)
University of South Australia
School of Art, Architecture and Design
City West Campus, GPBox 2471, Adelaide SA5001
Ph. +61 – (0) 8 – 8302 0654 or 8302 7372   and

General-Editor, ‘Journal of Green Building’,
Editor, Taylor & Francis book series ‘Sustainable Design’

Short bio at:
From: Luciana Duarte []
Sent: Tuesday, 27 December 2011 1:21 PM
To: Steffen Lehmann
Subject: ethical fashion – Brazil – UFMG

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