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Junior Enterprise World Conference – JEWC 2012 – speakers

17 de February de 2012

JEWC in brazilian carnival, with style!


Hi there!

So, I’m one of the speakers of JEWC 2012!

My approach is about my passion (also my research): Sustainability as a strategy for Design (focus on Industrial Design and Ethical Fashion).

See you all in Paraty! It’s gonna be AWESOME!!! 😉

Here are the nominees:

Michele Hunt

Michelle Hunt is internationally known for her work as a change catalyst and “thinking partner” to leaders of organizations and communities on leadership development, organizational transformation, and organizational effectiveness.

Her work is rooted in the principles of shared vision, values, alignment and continuous learning. Hunt works with leaders and their teams to help transform their organizations to higher levels of participation, teamwork and performance.

In 1993, Michele was appointed by President Clinton to serve as the Executive Director of the Federal Quality Institute. Michele is also a keynote speaker at conferences around the world for businesses.. Her presentations are founded on her belief that people have the capacity to create far better futures than we have dared to dream. She comes to these beliefs through her personal and professional experiences and through her research on others who have dreamed big and turned their dreams into reality. She published these stories in her book, DreamMakers: Putting Vision & Values to Work.

Edgard Gouveia Júnior

Social entrepreneurship is his thing. Edgard Gouveia is graduated in Archictecture and Urbanism and he was a researcher in the TIBÁ Institute (Bio Archictecture and Intuitive Technology). In 2003, he finished his post-graduation course in Cooperative Games, in the Monte Serrat University.

Edgard is a consultant and international speaker in the fields of young leadership and social entrepreneurship. He developed several social projects and got renowned by idealising the Oasis Project, that connected Brazil and the world to help people that had their houses and schools destroyed by the floods that took place in Santa Catarina, in the end of 2009. He is also a member of the international network Berkana Exchanger and facilitator of the Cooperar Project. Edgard is also co-founder of Elos Institute, a non governamental organization (NGO) that has its goal to help communities to develop. To do that, the institute believes the ideal is that the communities are “inspired by an entrepreneurial, empowering spirit and that they work collectively for the common good”, something that is a main concern on the works performed by Edgard Gouveia Júnior.

Luciana Duarte

That’s me in a fashion show in São Paulo Fashion Week.

Luciana dos Santos Duarte, author of the website is a products designer graduated in the University of Minas Gerais State.

Currently, she is taking a Masters Degree in Production Engeneering in the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). She has some experience in the fields of Visual Arts, Products Designing and Fashion Design, with projects focused on Ergonomy and Susteinability. She teaches Fashion and Sustainability at UFMG. Her workshop in the JEWC 2012 will talk about “Susteinability and strategy for Design”

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