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O perfil do consumidor de moda ética (A new consumer profile for ethical fashion has emerged)

15 de May de 2012


Em 2008, o Ethical Fashion Forum realizou uma pesquisa que, dentre outras coisas, indica as principais características dos grupos consumidores de produtos de moda ética.

Green bags.

Green bags.

There are two main groups:

1. Established consumers of ethical fashion


  • 35-40+,
  • Have supported social/ environmental issues for 5-10 years or more
  • Willing to pay a bit extra for ethical fashion
  • Not generally followers of fashion, not accustomed to buying designer fashion

2. A new emerging market of younger consumers


  • 20’s-40’s,
  • Fairly new to sustainability issues related to fashion
  • Fashion focused and trend aware
  • Will commit to a higher spend on fashion products
Eco consumers.

Eco consumers.

Characteristics in common to both these groups

  • A gender bias towards women
  • Professionals with disposable income
  • A high degree of loyalty
  • Have some awareness of the ethical issues behind fashion

Findings set out in the Ethical Clothing Report 2008 byTNS Worldpanel Fashion:

  • Compared to the other age groups, 35-44’s and 55+ are the most concerned by ethical criteria
  • … the under 25’s care more than other age groups about profits being given to charity
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