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Entrevista para o JEWC 2012

26 de July de 2012
JEWC 2012_blog

JEWC 2012_blog



Recentemente, dei uma pequena entrevista para o Junior Enterprise World Conference 2012 – “o” evento das empresas juniores do mundo todo, que se realiza em Paraty/RJ, no começo de agosto, e no qual eu vou dar uma breve palestra, falando sobre design, estratégia e sustentabilidade.

Confira abaixo:



JEWC TEAM: Luciana, what did you think of JEWC 2012’s proposal?

Luciana: “I am really impressed with JEWC, with the motivation we see on Facebook and Twitter. I hadn’t realized the proportions of the event, the organization of something that big truly deserves respect. I liked the proposed triad – Evolve, Undertake and Transform. – and the meaning you wish to bring to each one of those topics, that are transverses, specially because they comprise the transformation as multidirectional. I believe the understanding of the world as one interconnected – one world, one network – is appropriate not only because of the moment (post-modern, fluid), and not because of the social medias (where young people are the main actors), but mainly because of the notion of fraternity that’s implied. There’s the willing to reach out to the next – and that means a lot: the courage to get closer, to salute respectfully, make deals, be proactive on helping.”

JEWC TEAM: What will be the approach of your lecture, and how do you think your presentation will be able to contribute to the evolution of the participants?

Luciana: The approach of my lecture is on the understanding of sustainability as na strategy, on the context of design (emphasis on products and systems, more than on services and process), and on the enterprise as a whole. I hope I can contribute on broadening the perception of the participants, when wondering the current business paradigm for sustainability, which involve the development of integrated products and systems. There are many enterprises that, happily, have been seeing sustainability as an ethos on business and design but they, unfortunately, do not set this ethos as a strategy – what heavily prejudices the economic sustainability of them. Accordingly, I intend a possible transformation on the understanding of the interface sustainability & strategy, explaining 12 guidelines so that a business and its product be both benefic to the environment and society, and so that they’ll be economically viable, competitives with the non-sustainable.


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