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Future Fabrics Expo 2012

5 de November de 2012
Future Fabric Expo - London

Future Fabric Expo – London


What: Future Fabrics Expo

When: Nov 7th – 9th 2012

Where: London College of Fashion. John Princes Street, W10, London.

Now in its second year, The Future Fabrics Expo organised by fellowship 500 member The Sustainable Angle, will again be hosted by The London College of Fashion, in the prestigious Rootstein Hopkins Space.


Register to attend here There is no entrance fee.


The Future Fabrics Expo will:

  • Showcase hundreds of individually selected, commercially available and globally sourced fabrics with a reduced environmental impact suitable for mainstream, small-scale and high-end fashion brands.
  • Address issue relating to biodiversity, water, waste and energy in the textile and fashion supply chain.


Visit the second Future Fabrics Expo to:

  • Discover innovative and commercially available fabrics, processes and products that embody a range of sustainable principles and new technologies.
  • Receive assistance regarding sourcing sustainable fabrics and diversifying your fabric base, to lower environmental impact of the supply chain.
  • Leave behind outdated clichés of sustainable textiles, to see it is possible to lower fashion’s environmental footprintwithout compromising style or quality.
  • Be creatively inspired by the diverse sustainable fashion fabrics available.
  • Learn about the newest developments in sustainable fabrics and fashion.

Watch the last Expo: Future Fabrics Expo 2011, London College of Fashion

Check out the blog: The Sustainable Angle Blog

Follow #FutureFabricsExpo – @Sustainable_Ang

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